About us


In June 2018, Delox was created in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), as a spin-off built on top of more than seven years of research. Delox project started in 2012 as a collaboration between two professors. After a biomaterials lecture given by João Silva, Fernando Antunes suggested a scientific collaborative project. After four years of research, in 2014, Fadhil Musa joined the team as a biochemistry master student, having his master thesis concretized on Delox project.

Driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, the future founders of the company decided to turn their knowledge into business. Two of the inventors of dryVHP, Fadhil and Fernando, after taking part in the most important Portuguese science to business program, sealed the decision of Delox’s creation. Since they are mainly focused on bringing our solution to the market, João continuously ensures the further technical development of our products.

In September 2018, we moved to Tec Labs, where we set-up our laboratory and office, while Raquel Nogueira joined us to bring new skills and fresh ideas, shaping Delox’s products.

In June 2019, on Delox first year anniversary, Katarzyna Chudzik became a part of the company, hired to support the day-to-day projects and milestone achievement. We will be soon extending our team to accelerate our growth.

Since then, both Raquel and Katarzyna have moved on and went back to university, Raquel to do her PhD and Katarzyna to complete a Master´s Degree.

Delox hired a new Researcher – Ana Filipa Isidro – and a new Project Manager – Filipa Teles – to become part of the team and help us grow and thrive.

Fadhil Musa – spearheading Delox’s direction

As a Biochemistry student, Fadhil has always been focusing on human health aspects. Once he decided to participate in COHiTEC – Portugal most important science to business program – with the project Delox, his passion about innovation and entrepreneurship became the beginning of our start-up. Every day he tirelessly spends hours on directing Delox to grow.

Fernando Antunes – spurring Delox for growth

Fernando holds a PhD in Biochemistry and within the years of his academic career, he was visiting foreign countries as a researcher, seeking for innovative ideas and fresh new visions. Since 2006, he has been an Associate Professor at the University of Lisbon. Taking a sabbatical leave in 2016 and joining the COHiTEC program, led on to the creation of Delox.

João Pires da Silva – perpetuating innovation

As a PhD in Chemistry and Associate Professor at the University of Lisbon, João has been teaching various chemistry disciplines and publishing more than 150 scientific papers in specialized journals. Together with Fadhil and Fernando, he became a founding member of Delox. Since the beginning he has been responsible for our development of the technology.

Filipa Teles – fostering a growth-enhancing environment

As Delox grows fast and requires more and more work on the day-to-day tasks, Filipa is the one who supports our overall planning and achieving our goals and milestones. She brings a diverse managerial skill set, having a great motivation to keep all things big and small on the right track for Delox.

Ana Filipa Isidro – developing everyday improvements

Together with her extensive experience, which she gained throughout her Master thesis in the field of biomedical research as well as many projects she carried out, Ana Filipa brought an incredible level of energy to the team. She is the one who spends hours at the laboratory, continuously improving our solution.