Delox winning the prize for bio-decontamination technology

In June 2017, we have participated in the Call for Projects of ScienceIN2Business programme. The event is annually organized by Tec Labs, aiming at identifying the research projects whose technologies have a great market potential. All of the projects have been developed at the Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon. The event spurs the research projects for business maturation, through acceleration in Tec Labs, as well as providing a chance to receive a financial prize.

As the winners of this edition, we had an opportunity to compete with four other projects that have been selected to take part in the final. That was an afternoon full of interesting talks and presentations, introducing valuable ideas with a great potential of the future development. The projects that we had a pleasure to get to know were Omnics2Clinic, Green2Feed, EmotAI and Non-toxic antifouling technology.